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Published in 2007


A Streamlined Initial Test Regime Utilizing the NHTSA NCAP Rollover Maneuver, 20th International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV), Lyon, France, 2007, Paper No. 07-0395 Arndt, Mark W., and Hubele, Norma.

An experiment was designed to evaluate the effect of changes to two vehicle parameters on rollover maneuvers. The changed parameters were tire size and static stability factor (SSF). The statistically designed experiment tested each vehicle condition utilizing the NCAP Dynamic Rollover Maneuver. The NCAP Dynamic Rollover Maneuver test procedure dictated a consistent tire condition, test order, vehicle load, and steer regime. Testing utilized an AB Dynamics steering robot. Results of testing demonstrated different and improved vehicle performance with changed vehicle parameters. Evaluation of the test results showed statistical significance in vehicle response due to changed SSF and no statistical significance in vehicle response due to changed tires for one of the steering sequences. Close examination revealed that for evaluation of effects in vehicle response due to changes of vehicle parameters no additional statistically significant information in vehicle response was observed for initial left turn versus initial right turn and default steer versus supplemental steer. When evaluating vehicle response to changed vehicle parameters an initial streamlined test regime utilizing the NCAP Rollover maneuver is suggested. The complete NCAP Dynamic Rollover test procedure for vehicle validation is recommended. Future investigations that build on these results could include changes in the roll moment distribution together with SSF.





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