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Testing is our Specialty

Specialized Testing capabilities include full scale vehicle handling and rollover stability testing utilizing a steering robot and instrumentation consistent with recommended practice or standards. Successful test programs evaluating vehicle pre-crash performance include J-turns, circle turns, obstacle avoidance and other common tests including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) constant speed slowly increasing steer, fishhook and sine with dwell maneuvers. Evaluations include objective measures of vehicle performance under circumstances of different tires/wheels, vehicle load, aftermarket equipment and alternative designs. Successful tests of a variety of motor vehicle components are conducted including tests of suspension components, tires, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), door latches, brakes and fuel tanks and related components.

ESC with Separated Rear Tire Tread

ESC effect on SUV Rollover and Handling Stability

Police Cruiser, Rear Collision

Tire Failure in Tread Separation Events

Tread Separation in J Turns

Seat Belt Restraints in Rollover

Breakaway Fuel Cap Testing

Steering Robot Fishhook Test

Full Scale Vehicle Rollover






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